Legal & Physical Custody

Attorney Carl M. Knapp discusses legal custody, primary custody, shared custody and physical custody.

Are You Entitled to Collect Child Support?

Attorney Carl M. Knapp discusses when a parent is entitled to collect child support under Pennsylvania law. Issues include primary custody, shared custody and 50/50 custody arrangements.

Child Support Procedure

Attorney Carl M. Knapp, discusses Child Support and Spousal Support Procedure in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.

Child Custody Factors

Do you have a custody issue? Find out what factors  a Court considers when making a child custody award. 

Marital Property Defined

What is Marital Property?  What property is divided in a divorce action?

Alimony Factors

Are you entitled to collect alimony as part of your divorce?  What factors does the Court consider when awarding alimony?  

Child Custody Procedure

What is the procedure in Montgomery County PA, to obtain a chid custody order?  What happens after you file for child custody? 

Protection from Abuse in PA

Learn about Protection from Abuse Petitions in Pennsylvania.  What constitutes "abuse"?